Depression Center

The PCH Approach to Navigating Depression

Grandview Residence

Our Depression Treatment Center has extensive experience treating mild to severe depression. Dr. Jeff Ball has over 25 years of experience dealing with depression and related disorders. As the head of the PCH Treatment team,

Dr. Ball is involved in the thorough initial assessment of each client with depression. This assessment explores the client’s specific symptoms and the effect these symptoms have had on their day to day functioning. Interference with work, school, interpersonal relationships, and overall sense of well-being is the norm for a person suffering from depression. At PCH Depression Treatment Center we pride ourselves on the success we have had in improving client’s lives through treatment and management of depression. Often, we have to discard improper diagnoses. Evaluation of a client’s medication regimen is also of paramount value. Dr. Bill Wirshing is an expert on psychopharmacology who assesses each client’s medications. Many times a client is on the wrong antidepressant, or an antidepressant that has unnecessary side effects. Furthermore, some clients do not need to be on antidepressants, or they may be having difficulties withdrawing from them. Dr. Wirshing, in conjunction with the PCH Depression Treatment Center team, will design the proper medication plan, with an emphasis on minimizing appropriate medications and eliminating unnecessary medications when appropriate.

When a client has depression that is significantly impacting their quality of life, or negatively affecting family members and loved ones, it is time to consider one of the PCH Depression Treatment Center Programs. Our Intensive Treatment Program offers the highest level of care, with up to five individual therapy sessions per week. As with our Day and Evening Treatment Programs, there are multiple group therapies, neurofeedback sessions, and holistic modalities including yoga, mindfulness meditation, sleep groups and family therapy sessions. Clients may also participate in a Family Therapy Program, especially when they live in the same domicile with family members or loved ones and are causing them distress. PCH Depression Treatment Center is a valuable resource for persons suffering from Depression, especially when they are not finding a solution with their routine therapy appointments or current medications.

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