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PCH Treatment Center compared to other Programs

PCH Treatment CenterState-Licensed
Residential Psych Facility
Drug and Alcohol
Treatment Programs
PhilosophyClients are treated with respect and trust. Clients are responsible for their own actions.Clients receive care and supervision similar to a psychiatric hospital.Expertise is in chemical dependency, not mental health.
MilieuA comfortable safe environment. Clients are carefully selected to support one another.Clients may require care and supervision creating a hospital like environment.Highly variable.
Clinical ProgramMore treatment per day with a higher quality than any state licensed program.Resources devoted to spa-like amenities and upscale residence at a considerably higher cost.Focused on substance abuse including 12-step meetings
MedicationsCareful prescribing without overmedicating. Clients educated in medication self-care. Expertise in psychiatric and addiction medicine.Medical model with emphasis on psychiatric management similar to a psychiatric hospital.Primary focus is addiction management.
RestrictionsIndependent activities encouraged. Open visitation policy.Clients require a pass to leave, usually with staff accompaniment. Limited visitations.Highly Variable.
TreatmentTakes place at a separate clinical facility replicating a real-world model.Takes place in the residence, in a converted bedroom or den.12-step social model.
LicensureClinicians are fully licensed and/or board certified. Exempt from state licensure (treatment does not take place within the residence).State Licensure refers only to care and supervision administered within the residence. Does not guarantee that clinicians are properly licensed.Different licensing agencies such as AOD or DAP.
Age18 to 8018 to 5918 to 65
ManagementOwned and operated by Doctoral Level CliniciansOwned and operated by business people.Owned and operated by people with experience in recovery.
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