Intensive Treatment Program

The PCH Treatment Center Intensive Treatment Program is for those who want or require immersive psychological treatment in a supportive and caring environment. Clients enrolling in this program live in the Grandview Residence or one of several local sober living houses. The Intensive Treatment Program differs greatly from once per week psychotherapy or other outpatient programs. Clients are immersed in a treatment milieu, surrounded by others who are recovering from similar issues, participating in a full weekly schedule. There are up to five individual psychotherapy sessions (one somatic experiencing) group psychotherapy meetings, as well as process group, trauma group, DBT skills group, Neurofeedback, coping with shame and anger, timeline group, mentalization, therapeutic writing and MBSR which are conducted at the PCH Clinic in West Los Angeles. The Intensive Program has a minimum duration of four-weeks, with an average length of treatement of 2-3 months.

After entrance into the Intensive Program, the PCH Psychiatrist evaluates each Client, to reassess their medication regimen, as many Clients are not on the proper medicines, or are taking too many. At PCH Treatment Center we believe in using the minimal amount of medication necessary. Clients are always treated with respect and care, as they learn to restructure their lives. The Intensive Treatment Program is appropriate for Clients with Bipolar Disorder, depression, personality issues, anxiety disorders, psychological trauma, self-injury and any other psychological problem that is adversely affecting their lives. Dr. Jeff Ball, the Executive and Clinical Director, has over 25 years of experience dealing with Clients with difficult psychological problems. He has assembled a highly qualified staff, each of which is specialized in different areas of psychology. The clinical team, under Dr. Ball’s supervision, works together to successfully treat Clients who have encountered a particularly difficult time in their lives.

PCH Treatment Center differentiates itself from other programs that treat (or claim to treat) psychological problems. We have highly experienced qualified clinicians. Individual therapists are doctoral level, compared to many programs where therapists may actually still be in training or have less education and experience. Our program involves a strong commitment from the Client to work to resolve their psychological issues in a containing and caring structure. PCH Treatment Center works to minimize medical management, empowering Clients through a rigorous treatment program involving psychodynamic therapy and education.

What is an Intensive Treatment Program?
An intensive treatment program involves a full day of multimodal therapies, five days per week, in a containing atmosphere with a strong and experienced support structure. PCH Treatment Center is unique because we focus specifically on psychological problems. Chemical dependency may be addressed as a secondary issue, always in relation to the primary underlying psychological dynamics. Unlike treatment in a psychiatric hospital, or partial hospitalization, we offer a tranquil, safe, and supportive environment for our Clients. The PCH Intensive Treatment Program requires the Client to immerse themselves in psychological treatment. In contrast to weekly psychotherapy or incomplete day treatment programs, the Intensive Treatment experience involves full daily schedules of treatment Monday through Friday, with activities on weekends and evenings. The Client is surrounded and supported by other persons going through the healing process, with similar issues. The Intensive Program is appropriate for persons who are having significant difficulties in their family, work and personal lives and need the structure and immersive support to guide them back to a healthy lifestyle.

What are the different types of Intensive programs offered
At PCH Treatment Center, Clients can enroll in our Intensive Treatment Program while residing in The GrandView Residence or a local sober living house. This Intensive Program requires participation of five days per week in our clinical schedule, as well as optional evening and weekend activities, meals and outings. PCH Treatment Center also offers a Day Treatment Program with the same daily schedule (weekdays), where Clients may reside in their own home or other living arrangement of their choice. Clients may discuss these options with the intake director or a member of our clinical staff to determine which choice is best for them.

How does PCH Treatment Center differ from a traditional residential treatment center?
A “residential treatment center” provides psychological treatment, care and supervision within a residence house. At PCH Treatment Center we provide psychological treatment at our stand-alone clinic. Because we do not provide treatment at the residence house, we are not a traditional residential treatment center. The State of California Community Care and Licensing Division has evaluated the residence house and found it to be in full compliance with all regulations, receiving an exemption from licensing (because care and treatment are not offered at the house). We prefer our model for several reasons. First, clients are not sequestered in a residence house where they receive care, meals, and entertainment in the same place (often in an isolated setting). Clients live in a “real world” setting where they have to get up in the morning and walk or ride to the clinic to engage in a full day of treatment. All care at the PCH Clinic is administered by licensed professionals. Local resources such as restaurants, parks, gyms, coffee shops and farmer’s markets are available to Clients.

How long is the Intensive Program?
Both the Day and Intensive Program require a minimum one month commitment. We have found that Clients average a stay of two to three months. Clients are continually reevaluated during their stay at PCH Treatment Center to determine the optimal length of treatment.¬†Factors determining treatment length include a Client’s progress and comfort level at the scheduled time of completion, and readiness to embark on a lower level of care. We place a high level of importance on the aftercare structure, and we work with every Client to individualize their aftercare plan to maximize the effectiveness of our therapy interventions.

 What does the weekly schedule look like?

General PCH Treatment Schedule

PCH Treatment Schedule

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Is an Intensive Program right for me?
PCH Treatment Center offers Intensive psychological treatment for persons who have experienced significant difficulties in daily functioning. Through our immersive programs we strive to reorganize our Client’s lives, providing insight, coping skills, and the proper diagnosis and treatment plan. We require a significant commitment from our Clients who can undergo a life-changing experience at our treatment center. We also work with Clients in conjunction with their families, to break down maladaptive patterns and restructure their relationships to ensure future success.

See the Grandview Residence House

See GrandView Residence House

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