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Tim Pylko Tim Pylko, MD
Annette Ermshar Annette Ermshar, PhD ABPP

pasadena-gardenThe PCH Subacute Treatment Center in Pasadena provides sophisticated, comprehensive treatment of complex psychiatric disorders that require more structure and supervision than traditional residential or outpatient treatment settings. Clients that are appropriate for the Subacute Center may be struggling with psychotic disorders such as Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder or other severe psychological conditions.

The PCH Subacute Center provides an attractive and contained healing environment while offering a broad range of psychosocial and biologically based services driven by a thorough evidenced-based evaluation of the client’s presenting problems. We identify co-occurring disorders that may complicate recovery and we define separate treatment approaches and integrate them into the broader bio-psycho-social-spiritual conceptualization of each client. We create highly individualized treatment plans using information provided by each member of the treatment team. We treat each person as a unique individual who seeks to improve their lives. We do not limit their identity to the clinical labels they arrive with.

Treatment Goals

  • Development of emotional regulation skills (coping with anxiety, depression, anger).
  • Psychiatric symptom reduction and self-management.
  • Development of independent living skills.
  • Increased awareness of triggers and vulnerabilities.
  • Understanding and self-managing medications.
  • Improved communication and conflict-resolution skills.
  • Individual and family strategies for identification and prevention of relapse.
  • Implementation of a strong discharge plan with coordination of outside treatment providers.


In our subacute treatment model, we provide unique treatment modalities, both individual and group therapies, and close oversight by our staff psychiatrists.

Each member of our treatment team is committed to honesty, integrity and mutual respect as core values critical to creating a healing environment. All treatment is provided in a superb setting with an emphasis on comfort and service so our clients can optimally focus on transforming their lives.


  • Record review, treatment planning, supportive case management
  • Psychiatric Evaluation, medication monitoring and education
  • Structured therapeutic programming
  • Individual and group therapies, psycho-educational groups
  • Crisis Intervention and relapse Prevention
  • Independent living skills training
  • Social and cultural activities within the community
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Therapeutic yoga, exercise and mindfulness meditation
  • Peer Support Services
  • In-depth aftercare planning and placement services
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