PCH Co-Hosts CA ARISE Interventionist Training Course

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August 18, 2010

PCH Treatment Center co-hosts 2010 California ARISE Interventionist Training Course.

ARISE Interventionist Training

PCH Treatment Center co-hosts 2010 California ARISE Interventionist Training Course.

PCH Treatment Center, in conjunction with Promises and Newport Academy, hosted the 2010 California ARISE Interventionist Training. Trainees traveled from various areas of the country to join ARISE and facilitator Dr. Judith Landau for the conference. The three-day training series took place at each facility, allowing trainees an opportunity to tour, become familiar with staff, and gain a thorough knowledge of each practice. PCH Treatment had the opportunity to host Dr. Judith Landau and the trainees on July 23rd, the final day of the course.
Dr. Judith Landau has over 30 years of experience working as an interventionist. She is known worldwide for her expertise, lecturing in 5 different continents and facilitating over 200 conferences worldwide. PCH Treatment Center was honored to co-host the 2010 California ARISE Training and grateful to work with Dr. Landau and meet emerging interventionists. The diverse learning objectives of the conference series varied from origins of different intervention models, didactic and interactive role-playing, ethics of intervention, licensing criteria, and marketing techniques. At the conclusion of this in-depth training, participants received certification as interventionists. PCH Treatment Center would like to give special thanks to the Promises, Newport Academy, Dr. Landau, and each trainee. We admire your vision to help others and feel honored to participate.

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