Welcome to PCH

Jeff Ball, Ph.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology at UCLA and former Executive and Clinical Director of Bridges to Recovery, is pleased to announce the opening of a new psychological treatment program,

Psychological Care and Healing Treatment Center.

PCH Treatment, located in West Los Angeles, offers both residential and day treatment programs addressing mood disorders including depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety issues, personality disorders, and issues of psychological trauma.  PCH Treatment is a new paradigm in full service psychological
treatment without the disadvantages of Psychiatric hospitalization.  PCH
Treatment provides a more affordable alternative for intensive psychological
care while providing state-of-the-art treatment.

residing in our residence and attending our nearby clinic will receive:

· 4 to 5 Individual
psychotherapy sessions per week with experienced doctoral level clinicians

· 1 Somatic Experiencing
individual psychotherapy session per week

· 3 Dialectical Behavior
Therapy sessions per week

· 2 Process Groups per week

· 5 Yoga and Meditation
sessions per week

· 1 Time-Line Group per week

· 1 Reflective Communication
group per week

· 1 Insomnia and Sleep
Disorders group per week

· 1 Art Therapy Group per

· 1 Music Therapy Group per

· 1 Nutrition and Healthy
Eating group per week

· Family and couples
sessions (when indicated)

· Optional Accupuncture, Massage,
and Neurofeedback

· Weekly cultural outings

Please visit our website or call for more information.



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