Treatment Programs

PCH Treatment Center offers several different programs for adult men and women, ages eighteen and older suffering from psychological problems and dual diagnosis. Clients and their families can participate in our Intensive Treatment Program, Day Treatment Program, Family Therapy Program, Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Clinic or our OCD Treatment Program based on their individual needs

Intensive Treatment Program
PCH Treatment Center offers an Intensive Treatment Program, which provides our most immersive level of care for those who want or require a supportive and comprehensive treatment environment. In this format, we offer up to five individual psychotherapy sessions with doctoral level psychologists, including one somatic experiencing session. Group therapies form a cornerstone of our treatment plan, with anger management, DBT, process group, sleep therapy and other modalities. Neurofeedback is also utilized and holistic activities including art therapy, mindfulness meditation, yoga, acupuncture and massage are available. The duration of the program is a minimum of 4 weeks, averaging 2-3 months. Factors determining the duration of treatment include a Client’s progress and comfort level throughout the course of therapy and projected readiness at the scheduled time of completion, as well as their desire and motivation to embark on a lower level of care. We place a high level of importance on our aftercare structure, and we work with every Client to individualize their aftercare plan to maximize the effectiveness of our therapy interventions. Unlike treatment in a psychiatric hospital, or partial hospitalization, we offer a caring, safe and supportive environment for our Clients. Read More

Day Treatment Program
The PCH Day Treatment Program provides a full day of therapeutic services, structure, and support. Clients participate in up to four individual psychotherapy sessions per week and one somatic experiencing session. Group and holistic therapies, as discussed for the Intensive Treatment Program, are custom tailored for each Client based on the nature of their psychological problem and needs. Initially, Clients are required to attend day treatment five days per week. However, customized programs with two to three days per week attendance can be constructed at the discretion of the program director. The PCH Day Treatment Program is appropriate for Clients who need more structure than once or twice per week outpatient psychotherapy. It is also appropriate for Clients requiring a transition from a residential or inpatient setting or a chemical dependency or alcohol treatment program. Read More

Family Program The PCH Treatment Center Family Program specializes in helping families and couples who are experiencing psychological, emotional and relational problems.  In contrast to individual therapy, which is one therapist treating one client, family therapy involves one or more therapists involving multiple people in the therapeutic process (family members, partners, colleagues). The PCH Family Program addresses dysfunctional interpersonal relationships from both sides, giving family members and couples improved communication and coping skills. PCH Psychologists and staff will work to restructure family relationships to improve the quality of life for all parties involved. Read More

Obsessive-Compulsive Treatment Program
PCH Treatment Center offers an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Day Program that is an intensive five day per week treatment program for moderate to severe OCD. Our treatment approach is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP) – the front line treatment for OCD as recommended by the American Psychological Association. At PCH Treatment Center, Clients learn how to reduce their OCD symptoms, deal with intrusive and obsessive thinking, reduce ruminative and repetitive thinking, resist performing mental and behavioral compulsions, and replace avoidance behaviors with healthy behaviors, thus engaging more fully in their lives. Read More

Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Clinic
The PCH Treatment Center Comprehensive Assessment Clinic offers state-of-the-art psychiatric, psychological and neuropsychological testing. Testing is conducted by the Director of the Clinic, Dr. Sandra Sarnoff, a doctoral level psychologist with an extensive experience in psychological assessment. Services are provided for participants of PCH Treatment Center programs, as well as for individuals outside of our programs. Read More

PCH Treatment is Twelve-step (12-step) friendly and will coordinate meetings for our clients. Vocational testing and counseling and educational assistance are also available.