I have nothing to compare PCH to as this is the first time I have been in a facility as well as first time I have been in a group. I truly had no idea what to expect. The staff here I felt is extraordinary. Committed, talented, experienced therapists who really care. The support staff, specifically the RA’s whom I frequently came in contact couldn’t have been any kinder, available and cared about how they did their jobs. I don’t think I could rate PCH any higher- my experience here on all levels was enriching and helpful. I unexpectedly really appreciated being with people that were much younger than I. Their perspective game me insight into my own situation with my daughter. It has all been invaluable.- September 2016


The place was really helpful and I feel that I am leaving here a lot healthier and in a better place than when I arrived. The staff was always there for me and extremely helpful during my stay here at PCH.
.- August 2016


I really appreciate how well my voice was heard here. When I or other clients would speak up about concerns, changes almost always followed. You guys really know how to listen.- July 2016


The individual therapy was great, by far the most helpful part of the program. Classes like DBT have been a tremendous help in providing the tools needed to help manage my recovery. And last but not least the medical staff onsite has been responsive and willing to do what was needed to stabilize me so that i could focus on my recovery- July 2016


PCH has been an amazing place from the beginning. The people; therapists, RA’s, staff, all have treated me with so much kindness and respect as I worked through my trauma and past. I felt supported in the most raw and vunerable times. This was a treatment place that was not a cookie cutter, one size fits all kind of place, which is a breathe of fresh air, and I think some policies might need to be looked at as some situations don’t fit one size fit all policies. I will continue to stand by my praises for PCH for it changed my life.- July 2016


The psychologists at PCH are amazing and helped me feel better, understand myself and others and feel more positive about my future.- June 2016


PCH was a game changer for me. I have been a long time alcoholic and only addressing that issue over the decades. The program allowed me to see and address my depression that was getting worse over the years. While I still have work to do, I can say that I am a far different and better person now. Let the journey begin!~ – June 2016


Today is my last day at PCH and I am truly going to miss it!! All the staff here has been great, very kind, non-judgmental, helpful and caring. For me this was the best place possible to go, all the therapists are top quality and had much experience with trauma and depression. There are many modalities used at PCH that contributed to my healing and my individual therapist really helped me navigate my way through the events and situations in my life that had put me in trauma and deep depression. Also I learned many communication skills to help me deal and interact with the world , skills that were not taught to me in school or by my family. I have a much better understanding of people now and can manage difficult situations better.- July 2016


Although I know that only I could really truly help myself, the support I received at PCH was phenomenal. I was matched with the perfect therapist, Mary Nakata. She was who I needed in my moment of crisis and allowed me to seriously work through trauma, family issues, loneliness, and unstable self-image. Living in the house was something I needed as well and I was happy with living in the back house and having a lot of privacy. I’m not sure how I would’ve felt in the main house but was thankful to have my own space in my time of need. For the most part, the RAs were wonderful and I felt that the amenities were excellent. I appreciated being able to go on outings and the amount of freedom this program allowed me. My PD, Kate was absolutely phenomenal and even assisted me in taking driving lessons and getting my license, which was a huge step in my individuation. This was above and beyond her role. She was also very helpful in navigating conflict with my parents and outside life. I also found family weekend rewarding, necessary, and well planned. I continued in family therapy with Margaret and she helped me really reform my relationship with my family, advocating for me and solving conflicts that have existed for years.- May 2016


Both my individual therapist and somatic therapist at PCH have provided a sense of security when dealing with past traumas. The staff at PCH, specifically the RAs, have provided excellent support and have had an enormous amount of compassion and empathy for each and every client, putting our need for additional support when in distress as a priority. My Program Director, Kate Ross, was incredibly understanding of both the physical and emotional challenges I faced during my treatment and treated my case on an individual bases rather than taking my situations in a cookie cutter approach format.- May 2016


After a few months at PCH, I became completely aware and accepting of my past for the first time in my entire life. I have been in therapy since the age of 7, diagnosed with Major Depression at age 10, and it wasn’t until I came to PCH at age 25 that I discovered the reasons behind my depression. Until PCH, I felt defective. I believed for so long that there was not a single reason why I was depressed. I felt that it was all my fault… I was deeply ashamed of myself… I was not a normal person and I didn’t understand why. PCH opened my eyes to an entirely different perspective. My depression is not my fault! There were many contributing factors in my past that had contributed to my depression. I am not defective… and I am NOT alone! PCH gave me hope that I am not a helpless case. There are a lot of things I can do to help me with my depression. I cannot thank you enough PCH!- May 2016


All around a great place with great people. – April 2016


Your program is great. The RA’s were wonderful to be around and were always thoughtful when interacting with me in times of stress. They would think of great suggestions for me to help me “stay put” in times of need which is great because I am a fight or flight woman. I personally thought a few RA’s were incredibly helpful to me and I would often turn to one trusted RA I’d like to mention, Shawneice (not office). She demonstrated to me what it means to be a caring guide when I felt lost or indifferent – and often could tell when I was “off beat” – her kind soul was consistent with me and reached me in a way other RA’s could not. I just wanted to mention her in appreciation and dedication to her job and taking the time to help me get out of my “funks.” Plus shes hilarious and her honesty helped me to open up and relearn how to build trust in other humans. I found my morning process group with George very insightful. He was able to help me reach down into a part within myself to allow me to be real and show people who I really am. His group is great and his calm, kind, and quiet composure is attractive to me. Telling his personal stories I could relate made me feel at ease him ease and not so alone.
April 2016


I am in a much healthier state of mind after a one month stay at PCH. My individual and somatic therapists were excellent–the best I have encountered so far. I enjoyed the healthy cooking, yoga, and time spent with clients and RA’s in the Grandview residence. My program director, Stephanie, was friendly, encouraging and insightful. All in all I had a great experience at PCH.
– April 2016


I enjoyed PCH 🙂
– March 2016


Wow, it’s been a journey. Came here straight out of wilderness. Place seemed luxurious, bourgeois
PCH, for the most part, helped me develop tools to grapple with depression and OCD. I leave cautiously optimistic that despite recurring bouts of depression, I’ll be able to function.
– March 2016


I thought the program was excellent. It took me from a very low place to feeling good again. My program director (Stephanie Katzman), individual therapist (Kate Ainslie), and process group leader (Renee) were all fantastic.
– March 2016


Best experience I have ever had. Wouldn’t change a thing.
– February 2016


I would like to take some time to discuss my overall experience at PCH treatment center located in Los Angeles, California. I arrived at 11965 Venice Boulevard in June of 2015. My first day is one that I will not forget. Entering the building, tears streamed down my face. I begged my Mom to take me back home. I said that I would do anything in the world than to be at another psychiatric facility. Going back was not an option for me my parents said. My stay at PCH was my last chance to make something of my life. If it didn’t workout my parents were no longer going to support me.

The two weeks after my arrival were without question the worst, darkest, and most difficult days thus far. I had plans set to become a homeless person, with the intention to rather be on the street than to be there. Repeatedly, I refused to leave the residence and go to the program. Influenced by my isolation, I had plans of ending my life on a number of occasions. What started to turn it all around was not just one thing, it was many. I began reading a book titled Memories, Dreams, Reflections by the late psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung. I felt a deep connection with many aspects of his life and the theories he covered. Then, it was Anthony taking me on a walk to show me around Mar Vista, Yumi encouraging me to get up in the morning, and the RA’s, taking supportive to a new level. Through these amazing people, I realized I had to take responsibility for my life, everything that had happened, and all that would.

An inner transformation took place within myself over the course of the next four months that I cannot use words to describe, though I will do my best. My individual therapist Larry, my program director Jennifer, and my supportive family led me in a direction I never thought was possible. That route dealt with the fact that the only way out is through. With their help and countless others I began to face the parts of my life and myself that I greatly feared. I would like to present some of those things that I overcame. A list goes as follows: a breakup with a girlfriend of a year and a half, working through and overcoming my substance abuse, processing traumatic experiences particularly at a past treatment program, improving my family dynamic, and addressing an impulsivity complex as well as numerous others. I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for the people in my life that have helped me change for the better. I would like to thank Dan, Amanda, Leslie, Jan, Louise, Jennifer, Shanice, Mia, Jackie, Yumi, Anthony, Sophie, Aisha, Dr. Ball, all administrative and residential staff, each and every RA, and especially Larry. I’m guessing that I have forgot some, but those that I did are just as much important as they make everything at PCH come together.

Currently, I am studying Psychology as well as volunteering at a Psychological Institute in Los Angeles. I couldn’t have become the person that I am on this day without PCH. My experience there has been undoubtedly the best of my entire life. For this, I am forever grateful.
– January 2016

My experience with PCH was extremely positive starting with the admissions process. All staff are friendly, caring, knowledgeable and really concerned about my well being. The programs were extremely helpful and I do not feel I could have been in a better place.
– January 2016


I had a very good experience at PCH. Almost all of my experiences with the therapists and staff were very supportive and strong. For me personally, a process style session during every afternoon 2 pm would be nice, as I often struggled to engage with the activity based activities such as cooking or pottery. The RA’s were also extremely helpful to help me re-socialize after isolating for a long period of time. I understand why RA-client interaction in the foyer is questionable due to the noise or light nature, but being a younger client, I found the lighter encounters and jocose nature very helpful after an intense therapy session.
January 2016


Before PCH, I had no idea what was wrong. Or, rather, I thought that there was some innate wrongness that was a part of me, and that all of the extreme symptoms that I had were a reflection of an inborn incapacity for wellness, compassion, and love. I came to PCH nearly certain that this was a pit stop on the road to permanent institutionalization. The committed, caring staff had other ideas. Through my work with Penelope and Ava in the main program and Chris in the OCD program, I began constructing a narrative for myself in which I did not need to eradicate myself to find any kind of peace. I learned names for feelings and experiences. I learned that no matter how bad I feel, the feelings themselves will not kill me. I learned that it is my actions that impact the outside world, not my thoughts. For the first time, I was believed, valued, and consistently cared for. Being allowed to acknowledge the pain of my past, and the limits of my role in it, finally helped me to assume responsibility for moving forward.
January 2016


I am very thankful to PCH. PCH was exceptionally helpful.
January 2016


Overall my experience was very good. I learned a great deal through my time at PCH. I am now able to identify when OCD is affecting me and in what ways, where as before PCH I had no idea all the ways it was negatively impacting my life. The individual therapy was extremely valuable in that it helped me to identify manipulative thinking patterns. Most of the classes I found helpful. I was glad to pick up a new hobby in learning to draw. I am also excited about all that I learned in DBT. The overall staff was very nice.
January 2016


Staff here is very competent and caring and my experience here has been one of the most constructive and fulfilling in my life. Thank you.
December 2015


PCH was a very professional setting, and I felt safe here.
December 2015


PCH was a well rounded, dual diagnosis treatment program that aided me in growing and developing skills to regulate my emotions. I found the groups to be helpful, but the individual therapy was the most beneficial for my development. In all, this program gave me the skills to return to the “real world” and succeed.
December 2015


Thank you very much for all the help that all and each of you provide me.
November 2015


It’s a pretty great place, left feeling a lot better than when I got here.
November 2015


PCH was an amazing experience that I would recommend to everyone who needs treatment.
November 2015


Paul is the best and his morning workouts rock!
November 2015


I would strongly recommend the PCH, OCD program to others interested. I felt very encouraged throughout my entire stay and am in a better place leaving then when I came in and I thank all those involved with the program here at PCH for that.
October 2015


PCH is a safe and supportive environment to gain skills that support coping in the world at large.
October 2015


PCH Treatment Center has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. Before I came to the center my life was in constant ruins and I could never quite understand my feelings or how to accept them. But as I went through the program it all changed for the better. The groups are well structured and individual therapy is on point. The amazing and knowledgeable staff helped me succeed in the program and now in my everyday life. My life is better than ever before with all I have learned here. I am able to close one book and open another knowing no matter how hard or uncertain it may be, I now have the skills to succeed.
September 2015


PCH helped me so much. I received more care and healing than I could have ever asked for. I am so ecstatic and appreciative of all the staff and especially my treatment team. This has been a once in a lifetime experience and I am so happy I had this time here. It is a well-run and therapeutic treatment center.
September 2015


pch treatment thank you testimonial card

PCH provided a warm, supportive atmosphere both at the treatment center and in the residence. Therapy and support occurred 24/7. My needs were always at the top of the list no matter what time of day. These ladies and gentlemen know their craft and are beyond compare.
August 2015


I am thankful for my time here. The staff is excellent – both professional and approachable. I benefited from so many perspectives and having so many people listen to me. The support of other clients was powerful. My life has changed, and I now have hope for my relationships in the future.
August 2015


Coming in to this I didn’t think I was going to progress but I worked my butt off, put in the work, and not only is my OCD better, but I’m a better person all around. I’ve made so many lifelong friends here and I thank PCH so much for that. I’m going to keep working on my stuff to get better and I’m very hopeful for the bright future ahead of me.
August 2015


Highest level of recommendation to anyone looking for dual or solo diagnosis and addiction.
August 2015


PCH is the west coast’s secret for mental health wellness. I am so fortunate to have met with such a professional organization with LA’s best doctors, therapists and staff to make my experience so great!.
July 2015


Overall, other than the few issues I had while living in residence, I felt like PCH will have been an extremely positive experience in my life. I am now more hopeful for the future than I’ve ever been for years. I do still have some fears that the skills I learned may not transfer back to when I leave such a caring environment, but I think that I should be able to use them appropriately or talk to people in a much better way.
July 2015


I had a wonderful caring experience here. Every group I learned so much about myself! With that knowledge I learned coping mechanisms. My husband also learned a lot of new knowledge at family weekend.
June 2015


Before coming to PCH I never had an OCD Therapist or ERP. Both have helped me gain an understanding of OCD and how it worked. ERP has helped me break down my “therapy” – which I always knew was wrong – but never could grasp how to stop and fix it! I’m very thankful for PCH – Adrianna, Ulla, Kelli (ERP coach) and all else for helping me and my family thru this obstacle. I still have much to work on but have the building blocks to finally move past my OCD to a happy and healthier life!
May 2015


I came in and out a whole different person. Upon reflection I realize how incredibly lucky I am and I attribute the great health turnaround I’ve had to the staff here at PCH. As much as I tried to kick and scream and get out of here in the beginning the way you guys have lead by example and inspired me to change. Thank you all so much for all the support.
May 2015


Great Experience!!.
May 2015


PCH is an ingenious, progressive, and compassionate institution. The evolution I’ve experienced under its guidance is nothing short of extraordinary. The OCD program is unparalleled; it is remarkably innovative, insightful, and powerful. It is a truly revolutionary approach to the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; its therapeutic brilliance is indescribable. I am extremely satisfied with my experience at PCH. I owe my life to this wonderful organization.
May 2015


Overall, I have had a good experience with PCH. The therapists that I worked with were very competent. I have grown a great deal while I have been in the program and it has been a great opportunity to work on things that have created challenges throughout my life. I now feel much better equipped to handle the challenges that I may face throughout my life.
– April 2015


This is a great place with very dedicated and caring staff members. The treatment team is top-notch, administration staff is very kind and helpful, and everyone works together to get the most out of the program for you. Would definitely recommend coming here to anyone that is struggling with mental illness.
– March 2015


The program is greatly improved from three years ago. The increase in groups offered is clearly representative of a higher caliber treatment center. I was allowed to extend my stay by two weeks (as were others) and I think this option should be more readily available as not everyone needs or can afford an additional month (Just something for those of you in higher places with power to do this). I felt a high degree of support throughout my days at the center as well as many of my evenings and weekends of the house. I recommend total involvement to anyone considering PCH. You get out what you put in. I hit all my groups and individual therapies running, worked really hard and feel prepared to return home to put my new life skills into practice. Thank you PCH staff!.
– March 2015


I will never forget this place. It changed my life. Upon arriving I did not know what to expect. I was depressed, lost, and full of little hope. The staff warmly welcomed me. The therapists are extremely professional and experienced and each have a passion for what they do. It is evident in the compassion they demonstrate on a daily basis. The facility was comfortable and had the feeling of home as much as it can for a treatment facility. I am sad to leave this place but not for the same reasons I came here. I have learned how to be authentic to my feelings and who I am. I have learned that depression does not have to be a way of life, and I learned that there are people who can truly help and can make a difference in my life. I will carry PCH in my heart always.
– February 2015


When I started at PCH I was broken. The only way I could function daily was thru the aid of Xanax and excessive alcohol. I was miserable and didn’t want to live. Death seemed the only option out of the misery I felt constantly. PCH helped me taper off Xanax as well as stop the drinking. I am now feeling happy again and in control of my life. Feelings don’t scare me anymore and I am able to do daily tasks and find enjoyment with people and family again. I never thought I would be able to get to the stage I am now and I would not have been able to do it without the help and guidance of PCH. I will recommend this to anyone who has depression, anxiety or any other ailment that seems hopeless.
– December 2014


PCH has helped me more than other treatment centers. It is an open and caring environment to recover in.
– December 2014


PCH gave me the tools and the path to take control of my life. I owe them everything. The staff, facilities and other clients were all excellent. I am so grateful to have such an inspiring story. Thank you so much to PCH for giving me the healing I needed and the support I never had.
– November 2014


I am very grateful for my time at PCH and learned more over one month than the previous 20 years. Thanks to everyone who has helped me over the last 28 days.
– November 2014


Probably the most productive and well spent 30 days of my life. Though there were some minor hiccups (inadvertent generally) the staff was always very good at resolving them. On the whole my experience was incredibly valuable and probably life-saving. I am leaving as a much more hopeful and resilient person much better equipped for coping with opportunities and potential in my life.
– October 2014


I’ve enjoyed my time in PCH and would like to thank the staff and clients for the productive time I’ve enjoyed here. I leave feeling better than when I arrived with all my objectives achieved. Thank you again.
– September 2014








Therapeutically I could not be any happier with my experience at PCH. I have grown tremendously here. I have learned, healed, cried, broken down, trusted and have built a foundation for a new way of living. PCH has become my family these last four months and I am forever grateful to all the therapists and clients for their insight, wisdom, support and guidance. For the first time in years I feel hopeful for what my life has in store. PCH has helped not only me but my entire family. Thank you all. My time here was a gift.
– August 2014



I truly loved PCH a ton. I will and have recommended people here. I have still experienced episodes here but PCH has been extraordinarily helpful. The RAs I can readily relate to and I’m glad that the rest of the staff has lots of years of experience. I will always take the coping and learning skills that I picked up here with me always.
– August 2014


In only a month, my mood has improved tremendously, and I feel much better prepared for whatever comes my way next in life. Thank you so much for all the help and I will certainly recommend this place to anyone else that I know is struggling in the future. – August 2014


I have learned more about myself in the last 2 months than I have in my lifetime. I have learned so many tools to deal with my self-loathing and anxiety. Through this process, I have bettered my relationship with both of my parents and have gained a more objective view of their divorce. I find myself to be more comfortable loving myself and stating what I need.
– July 2014


Overall, my experience at PCH has been good. I met a lot of really nice people and I was able to learn a lot about myself. I’m looking forward to taking the tools I’ve learnt here and applying them to my life. The staff is absolutely amazing and they are really caring of their patients. I really appreciate that and appreciate how much they want their patients to succeed. They take pride in seeing their patients move on in life and really stress the importance of aftercare following treatment. This was my first experience in a treatment center for mental health and I would certainly recommend it to anyone suffering from any form of mental health issue. Thank you PCH for all of your help. I look forward to being back in the real world and being able to apply the tools that I learnt here when I become faced with the challenges of everyday life.
– June 2014


I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to go through PCH. This program has seriously changed my life, my thoughts and the way I relate and connect to people have transformed. I have all the staff and clients to thank for this. I’ve gotten the most out of personal therapy with (my therapist). I will continue to see him to make the most of this process. I would recommend PCH to anyone struggling with psychological and/or emotional issues. I don’t want to say I’m a completely different person, but this program has changed my thoughts and beliefs.
– June 2014


I had an excellent experience! From start to finish everyone I had contact with changed my life forever! I am so happy that I chose PCH!.
– May 2014


There is no perfect treatment center, every program has their flaws and PCH is no different. But this program’s benefits significantly outweigh it’s faults. The therapists are incredibly insightful and challenge you to take your treatment to a deeper level. The group leaders facilitate fantastic discussions and the clients are great. I was in this program amidst it’s most difficult times and growing pains and it still had a profound positive impact on my life. I’ve been in treatment centers across the country and can honestly say PCH is top-notch.
– April 2014


PCH has been a great experience for me. I have improved a lot during my time in treatment. PCH has been really helpful to apply the coping skills to my daily schedule. My anxiety decreased significantly. The support from the staff and from other clients played a key role in my treatment. I feel really happy that I chose PCH for treatment.
– March 2014


The experience and information I received was more than I ever expected after 15 years of trying to get proper help for my daughter. This weekend gave us the hows and whys of The PCH method of day treatment and gave our daughter the understanding that she can be treated and that her illness can be controlled. This message is what we were searching for and we found it. Most of all she is not defined by this illness. Thank you!
– February 2014


I’ll never forget the day I arrived at PCH. As I deplaned, an overwhelming sense of release surrounded me. I knew my decision to seek treatment at PCH for major depression was the right choice. Summer greeted me at baggage claim. We seemed to “click” right away. My trepidation about PCH Center diminished. When I arrived at the residence I was greeted with enthusiasm and smiles. I had entered a safe place in which I lived for two months. Treatment at PCH wasn’t always easy; progress takes time. The clinical staff was excellent and supportive. PCH sets the bar high as it relates to its therapists. Three months after my arrival, I’m headed back home. Although I’ll miss the PCH staff and clients, I’m ready to rejoin my family.
– February 2014


When you come into treatment, you are surprised to see yourself here.  PCH helped me to feel good about this by creating a safe nucleus that felt like the loving family I did not have growing up.  They attuned to me and my needs; everyone was clearly invested in me getting better.  Instead of “treatment” I felt that I was getting to do over the part of my life where I had not learned to love myself, or be loved.  With the help of everyone from directors to resident assistants, I was able to feel this.  For me, I needed to go into my past to heal my future and we did this safely and gently, but most importantly, effectively.  I’m now ready to go back into life and live it in the most fulfilled way…something I simply did not have access to before.  I know things about myself now and about who I am that I could never be so completely sure of before.  Thank you to all of you; you have helped me, I will never forget you.
– November 2013


“PCH helped change my life!!!”
– October 2013


“I had a great experience at PCH.  The family therapy was absolutely lifechanging!  I’ve met so many great people here.  You make friends on such a deep personal level.  I’m very happy with my decision to come to PCH.  I will miss everyone so much.”
– August 2013


“Overall, PCH had a life-changing impact on my life. I wish it was more visible because it took me a lot of work to actually find PCH. The best component of the program was the 4x per week one to one meetings.  Also the diversity of the curriculum and professional backgrounds of the instructors. I felt PCH gave me a family I could rely on while I was learning how to re-build my life in a healthy, safe manner. The staff cares and ths shows excellent leadership and decision making at the top. The staff really cares and I felt that all the time. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks in some other manner than words, but cannot. Please accept my most sincere gratitude. You helped me more than I can say.”
July 2013


“This experience saved my life. The daily groups and therapists were so well led and helpful. Having information and techniques that are relevant and easy gives me great hope. My family is getting a much better Mom and I am enjoying peace that I’ve never known. Thank you for this program.”
May 2013


“PCH is effective because of the sense of community that allowed me to feel safe and supported throughout my treatment.”
April, 2013


“PCH is an excellent treatment center if you are serious about getting help. The residential and office staff are excellent and the therapists are fantastic. Most of them are willing to go far beyond the call of duty in order to give patients personalized care.”
January 2013


“As a working professional who was sidetracked by a severe bipolar episode, I found an oasis of healing here at PCH. I came to the end of my month stay wanting to stay another month. I know if I had to return here that I would be welcomed by a diligent and caring staff of mental health professionals.”
October 2012


“Before coming to PCH, I was lost and ignorant about my anxiety. The past 2 months I have learned so much about myself, that I am so excited to go back home and live the life I want to live. I have gained so much awareness about my thoughts and feelings and how they correlate with my anxiety. PCH was a very comforting place for me and more importantly it got me back on track with life and its ups and downs.”
October 2012


“This is a place where you are able to find yourself because for the first time you’re safe to be yourself.”
October 2012


“This place really helped me out a lot. It saved my life and I will always be grateful for PCH.”
September 2012


“I truly appreciated the professional nature of all of the employees.  Everyone was discrete and helpful.  This was in stark contrast to other treatment centers I have been to.  Instead of feeling like a child, I felt like an adult given the respect I deserve.”
July 2012


“When I stepped in to Dr. Ball’s office three months ago I was convinced I had gone down so far in my black hole nobody could lift me out. In just weeks I found I was being proved wrong with the resources of the highly qualified staff and admissions team provided me. Especially with the help of Dave Burston and Seth Kadish, who have taught me skills to work on outside of therapy, which I practice every day. As I grew “better” it was easier to put in the work, and I worked hard, and I got so much out of it! My whole entire life has changed due to all I’ve learned at PCH. I have every reason to believe that I can finally be a functioning member of society, and I owe it all to PCH.”
October 2011


“Before I came to PCH I was completely out of hope and ready for it to end. When I found out about PCH, though, I figured I would try anything with hopes it would help me. After being here for 3 months I am confident I have the skills and tools and hope that I need to be able to live again.”
May 2011


“Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. I felt so loved and cared for. The staff is excellent, professional, and extremely caring. I feel like PCH saved my life.”
September 2010


“The PCH therapists were wonderful. I felt well taken care of so I could focus on my work and the reason I came here. This was the last house on the block for me. If this didn’t work I would have had a life of misery and despair, suicide was next. Techniques I learned to carry with me home are yoga, breathing, mindfulness, how to throw a frisbee better, confidence, and boundaries. Stillness is a good thing that needs to be practiced, walking, enjoying any day. I can be an artist in my own way.”
August 2010


“PCH Treatment Center provided me with a safe environment for personal exploration and insight. Their balanced approach gave me the tools and skills that are so necessary in everyday life. There is more here than psychological and emotional basic training. I felt there was a custom effort to meet my personal needs.”
July 2010


“A very professional and great staff. A great start for the rough road ahead. I enjoyed my stay very much and got so much from PCH. Thank you!”
July 2010


“I think PCH is a superb center. Everything is the best quality. The Treatment team is excellent and I loved my individual therapist. I would absolutely recommend PCH to any struggling friend and I will be sending a note to the doctor and social workers that referred me to PCH to thank them. Thanks!!”
April 2010


“The PCH Psychiatrist made me feel very relaxed, and I love the approach that medication is not the answer”
April 2010

“Three years ago I suffered a tragically all-too-common experience among young women: I was raped. Shocked, ashamed, and confused, I was unable to tell anyone what had happened. I was constantly pushing the terrifying thoughts away– vivid memories of being helpless, overpowered, alone…I instantly lost trust in others. I had trouble sleeping and concentrating. The smallest stressor sent me into physiological panic. I became very depressed. Suicidal thoughts were always at hand.

Keeping silent about the trauma helped me to pretend it had never happened. In trying to keep a secret from my own self, I began to feel as if I didn’t really exist. I felt vacant, empty, detached from myself, and certainly detached from others. When emotions came to me, they were in tumultuous waves that were too strong for me to handle. I reacted impulsively in dangerous self-harm to these painful feelings of being overwhelmed. My life was in shambles. I knew I needed help.

At PCH, I found patient, non-judgmental staff whose consistent helpful counsel and kindness gave me reason to begin to trust and open up to them my deep wounds I myself was terrified to see. In the safe, supportive environment at PCH, I was finally able to address my problems. Through the gentle emotion regulation training in my DBT group, I learned how to hang into the present when I was distressed and to be aware of my emotions and even to exercise control over my responses. Through my process group therapy, I grew in awareness of my own needs and others’, and I found myself making meaningful relationships with other clients and restoring my relationships with friends and family. And through my individual therapy sessions, I was for the first time able to address my trauma, at my own safe pace, and I began to see tremendous release and relief of fear, detachment, and shame.

Because of PCH, I feel alive and hopeful. Since recovery is a process, PCH helped me find long-term follow-up care; from the solid foundation I gained at PCH, I’m enthusiastic about the journey.”
February 2010


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