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Depression Treatment Center

The PCH Approach to Depression

At PCH Treatment Center, our first line of treatment for depression and mood disorders is psychodynamic psychotherapy and aerobic exercise, along with exposure to a wide array of psychotherapeutic and holistic and activities. We have extensive experience treating mild to severe depression which frequently occurs in conjunction with anxiety and other psychological issues. Traditional treatment of depression often focuses primarily on medical management. PCH has a unique approach to treating depression: we work to optimize a person’s sleep habits, nutrition, exercise activities, relationships and work and family environments. We give our clients tools to help them manage their lives more effectively. Our psychiatrists evaluate each client’s medication regimen and adjust it accordingly. Often, when a client is in our treatment milieu, medications can be tapered or eliminated, as determined by our medical staff.

Each client, upon arriving at PCH Treatment Center for depression rehabilitation, receives a thorough initial assessment. This assessment explores the client’s specific symptoms and the effect these symptoms have had on their day to day functioning. Interference with work, school, interpersonal relationships, and overall sense of well-being is common for a person suffering from depression. After admission, each client is evaluated by a member of our psychiatric team, to evaluate and optimize their medication regimen.

Clients are assigned to a specific program director and individual depression therapist; these clinicians have extensive experience treating depression and any co-occurring psychological issues that may exist. For example, most people suffering from depression have experienced a significant loss of some kind. It may be the loss of a love one, a relationship, a job or an experience of psychological or physical trauma. Many people with depression also suffer from moderate to severe anxiety. Trauma and personality issues may further contribute to the depression.

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Depression Therapy Los Angeles

At PCH, we offer both treatment with supportive housing and day treatment programs in the Los Angeles area for patients from around the country that focus on the treatment of depression and mood disorders. Our intensive rehab programs feature four individual psychodynamic psychotherapy sessions per week with a fifth day session of somatic experiencing or sensorimotor therapy. Group depression therapies are complemented by neurofeedback sessions, and holistic modalities including yoga, meditation, and as discussed, an aerobic exercise program.

We find that most persons suffering from depression feel debilitated and apathetic, which contributes to a lack of structure in their day. Someone who lacks meaning or purpose and feels they have “nowhere to go” will experience feelings of depression. At PCH Treatment Center, our full daily schedule provides that essential structure needed to help patients suffering from depression to recover a sense of meaning and purpose. Our programming provides insight and tools to allow them to not only become less depressed, but to insulate them from future disorders when life’s inevitable conflicts and losses occur.

An integral part of all of our intensive programs is the PCH Family Therapy Program. Included in the first month of intensive depression treatment is a three-day family weekend. During this time, clients and their families learn from our clinicians about how to create an optimal home environment, provide appropriate support, identify warning signs and live with their family member’s psychological problems in the most beneficial manner possible. Families also interact and learn from other families and clients. Individual family sessions can also be arranged (not included with the program), to allow continued work between the client and family and the family on their own.

At PCH, we believe our staff of clinicians is one of the most experienced and successful at treating even the most difficult cases of depression (with or without other co-occurring psychological issues). Although based in Los Angeles, PCH Treatment Center receives clients from other depression treatment clinics, facilities, hospitals and referring clinicians from all over the country. We pride ourselves on our ability to treat depression and we offer a unique approach that is predicated on the clinical experience of our psychologists, psychiatrists and staff, our therapeutic milieu, and our unique and highly-refined clinical programming.

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