At PCH Treatment Center, we offer help to individuals with significant psychological problems; we also help their friends, families, spouses, children and other loved ones. We realize that psychological issues adversely more than just the individual. In addition to stress and volatility within interpersonal relationships, individuals with psychological issues may have financial difficulties related to job or school loss. There may be substance abuse, which further impairs the ability of the family to provide help and support. The individual may be non-compliant with medications or weekly treatment. The resilience and composure of the family may be exhausted.

PCH Treatment Center believes that when a psychological disorder is interfering with the well-being of an individual and his or her family, it is time to consider an intensive treatment program. In the safe atmosphere of our intensive program, a Client can restructure their life. Beginning with a proper diagnosis, which is often lacking, and a reordering of their medication regimen, which is often ineffective, a Client can start on a pathway towards healing and personal awareness and growth. One of the most important qualities we can bestow on our Clients is insight.

PCH Treatment Center offers a truly unique immersive treatment program. We are a safe, caring and comforting place and we provide non-judgmental, state-of-the-art psychological treatment utilizing advanced and effective treatment techniques. Our expertise in treating depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, anxiety, trauma, dual diagnosis and personality issues derives from the competency of our individual therapists, most of whom have 15-25 years of experience. It also derives from our holistic approach to healing. At PCH Treatment Center, we strive to minimize the usage of medications. We are a refreshing alternative to the often stigmatizing environment characteristic of psychiatric treatment facilities. We consider ourself to be a psychological model with psychiatric expertise.

PCH Treatment Center is founded and managed by health care professionals whose goal is to provide cost-effective intensive psychological care. We believe there is not a better value in immersive treatment. Our Clients, many of whom have stayed at hospitals and residential treatment centers, are extremely happy with their experiences at PCH. They feel they are treated with respect and warmth in a family atmosphere. And when our Clients return to college, to their jobs, and to their families with a better understanding of themselves and a much higher level of functioning, we know that we are not just meeting, but exceeding our goals.

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