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David Burston PCH Group Therapist

May 16, 2017

David Burston, Ph.D., PCH Group Therapist, Studies the Psychology of Soccer, the World’s Most Popular Game

Soccer is one of the world’s most beloved sports. Friends and families gather eagerly around their screens all over the world to engage in a unique camaraderie and love for the game. Dr. David H. Burston, Clinical Psychotherapist and PCH Treatment Center Group Therapist, recently wrote a book based on his doctoral dissertation exploring the psychology of soccer, in relation to the game, its fans, and its players. His book Psychological, Archetypal and Phenomenological Perspectives on Soccer is soon to be published by Routledge. Dr. Burston has also written a booklet which will be sent out to every academy soccer player and coach within the United Kingdom educating them on sporting cultures, how to work with children, and ways to promote the welfare of each player.

Dr. Burston’s interest in psychology is only one of many chapters of his life. After leaving school, he worked as a professional actor for 14 years before relocating to Los Angeles to become a writer, where he quickly discovered his love for studying psychology. Although he worked within the humanities for most of his life, Dr. Burston was eager to formally learn more about psychology, melding it with his favorite sport of futbol. He describes his book as “…a Jungian inspired phenomenological piece of research into the world of soccer. Men and women players were interviewed and from the data, certain conclusions informed the book about why this is the most beloved game on the planet.” Soccer may be the most popular game in the world, but Burston endeavored to learn more of the spirit of the game and how this knowledge can then be applied to therapeutic environments in addition to the soccer field.

Although centered within the world of soccer, the psychological implications are vast. Burston hopes that after reading this book, it will become clear that there is explicit value in utilizing applied psychology within community settings and that clinicians have endless educational possibilities when applying this learning to children and young adults. His next book will be dedicated towards analyzing the science of sport psychology and how clinical perspectives can help players to organize their thinking. We at PCH Treatment Center appreciate David’s outstanding clinical skills which he shares with our clients. We look forward to following David’s various areas of success and supporting him every step of the way.

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