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October 1, 2012

Dr. Ball presents his artwork at “Mirrors of the Mind.”

Dr. Jeff Ball, Founder and Executive Director of PCH Treatment Center presented his work this past weekend at the LACPA exhibit “Mirrors of the Mind.”




The Los Angeles County Psychological Association’s Community Outreach Committee

Is Pleased to Announce

Mirrors of the Mind:
The Psychotherapist
As Artist

September 29 – 30, 2012

A juried exhibition of visual and performing arts created
by Los Angeles psychotherapists and students, including
invited presentations on creativity and the power of art.

Deborah Baker, PhD
Jeff Ball, PhD
Stacy Berlin, PsyD
Natalia Boucher, BA
Debra S. Borys, PhD
Hanna Chusid, EdD
Robin S. Cohen, PhD
Victoria Cooper, MSW
Ashley Curiel, MA
Margaret Donohue, PhD
Danilo Donoso, MA Student
Liv Estrup, MFT
Beverly Feinstein, MD
Mercedes Gertz, MA Candidate
Flora Golden, MFT
Thomas Greening, PhD
Karin Hart, PsyD
Judith Harte, PhD, MFT
Karen Harter, PhD
Carol Jahshan, PhD
Roberta Jalbuena, PhD Candidate
Jeff Jessum, PhD
Lori Katz, PhD
Nairy Kevork, PhD Candidate
John LaSalle, MFT
Elisabeth Linn, PsyD Candidate
Karen Makoff, PhD Candidate
Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD
Judy McLaughlin-Ryan, MFT
Einat Metzl, PhD, MFT
Victor Morton, PhD
Allison Parelman, PhD
Stuart Perlman, PhD
Jamie Robin, MFT
Lolita Sapriel, LCSW
Barbara Shore, PhD, MFT
Karen Shore, PhD
Carl H. Shubs, PhD
Viktor Sigalov, MD
Larry Starr-Karlin, JD, MFT
Ginny Tal, LCSW
Gina Golden Tangalakis, PhD
Jane Van Loon, MFT
Claire Vines, PhD, MFT
Anne Pauline Warman, PsyD, LMFT

Schedule of Events:
September 29, 2012:
Gallery Exhibits and Theater Events 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Open to the community


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