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PCH Treatment Center features an experienced admissions team that will help you or your family member assess your psychological treatment needs and recommend an appropriate next step. Often a client, or the client’s family contacts us because they do not know what steps to take. An initial discussion with our team will determine whether a client is appropriate for one of our treatment programs. We will also determine what level of care to recommend: Supportive Housing, Day Treatment, IOP or case management.

Administrative issues are disclosed, including location, descriptions of the programs, fees, and an explanation of how the admissions process works. If the client is deemed appropriate for treatment at PCH Treatment Center, and the client (and family) would like to proceed, a thorough interview is conducted. During this interview we obtain a preliminary psychological profile, which includes medical and medication history, family contacts, previous treatment history, psychological history, and current living, work and social situation. If a client is not appropriate or interested in coming to PCH Treatment Center, every effort will be made by our intake team to provide resources or refer the client to a more fitting treatment option.


Valentina Ogaryan, PhD, Admissions Coordinator


Thomas Gifford, Admissions Coordinator


Scott Singer CADC-I, Admissions Coordinator

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Travel Arrangements


PCH Treatment Center can offer guidance to the client or their family to make travel arrangements. PCH Treatment Center offers complimentary transportation from LAX to the center for the client and their family (when appropriate). We also have recommendations for local hotels, apartments, sober living houses and other short or long term stay options.


Upon Admission, each client participates in an Orientation Day. They are shown around the facilities and oriented and introduced to staff and other clients. Schedule permitting, they meet with a PCH staff psychiatrist to determine their medication plan. They also meet with their program director (case manager), our psychological testing director, our neurofeedback coordinator, as well as other service providers. If they are staying in one of the Residence houses, staff will assist them in getting situated and setting up their room. If a client arrives on a weekend, PCH may recommend a part-time companion. If a client arrives during the week, the regular schedule begins on the next day after orientation day. Each client is assigned a primary doctoral level therapist and a program director. A full psychological evaluation is performed and a treatment plan is formulated. A recommended length of stay (estimated) is also discussed. Clients receive a Client Handbook and schedule.

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