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Colleen Kelly Colleen Kelly, MFT, Director, Family Program
Louise Bale Louise Bale, MFT, LPCC Director, Family Program

The PCH Family Program

The PCH Treatment Center Family Program specializes in helping families and couples who are experiencing psychological, emotional and relational problems. In contrast to individual therapy, which is one therapist treating one client, family therapy involves one or more therapists involving multiple people in the therapeutic process (family members, partners, colleagues).

The PCH Family Program addresses problematic interpersonal relationships from both sides, giving family members and couples improved communication and coping skills. PCH Psychologists and staff will work to restructure family relationships to improve the quality of life for all parties involved. Our family therapists have extensive experience in providing therapy and healing and in teaching valuable tools to families to improve family dynamics, optimize communication, promote long-term success and learn tools to deal with problems before they spiral out of control.

  • We offer integrated treatment for families of persons with bipolar disorder, psychological trauma including PTSD, self-injury, depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, dual-diagnosis, personality and other psychological disorders.
  • We are dedicated to positively changing family dynamics by improving communication skills, educating family members and developing prevention strategies.
  • We teach families to minimize household stress levels, understand early warning signs, interpret signals and break patterns of codependency
  • We promote long-term family health with individual family and multi-family groups, mentalization, family systems, relapse prevention, transition planning and self-care.
  • We feature highly-trained family therapists with a minimum of ten years post-graduate experience.

PCH offers several options for families:

The Family Weekend Program
A three day weekend immersive program for families with a loved one confronting psychological issues. PCH Clients are strongly encouraged to participate in this program with their families within the first month of treatment, when possible. Clients can be a PCH alumnus or an alumnus from another treatment program, psychiatric hospital or drug and alcohol treatment program.

Ongoing Family Therapy Sessions
Conjoint and separate therapy sessions and psycho-education are arranged weekly around the family’s and Client’s schedules.

Teleconference Family Sessions
Therapy sessions for families who live remotely or have logistical issues precluding them from coming to the PCH campus.

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