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Meet Kate Ross, LMFT

Kate Ross, PCH Program Director and family therapist discusses how she helps clients, parents, and families alleviate anxiety about starting treatment and begin the healing journey.

Learn about our Family Program

The Co-Directors of the PCH Family Program discuss how we help the family unit develop healthier patterns and a better understanding of what is needed to heal.

Atonement: Dealing with Guilt

Dr. Seth Kadish I learned a long time ago you can’t take away someone else’s guilt. As a clinical psychologist, I’d often see clients try to do this for other clients, to no avail. In fact, the person whose guilt they were...

The Loss of Self-Reflection in a Networked Life

CHRISTOPHER MULLIGAN LCSWI can vividly recall lying in my bed at night, during middle school, thinking through the events of the day, scrolling through images and pieces of conversations. I recall enjoying this time alone,...

Internet Addiction Treatment – Part III

The treatment of Internet Addiction is similar to the treatment of any other serious addiction. It generally begins when the individual reaches a “bottom” – a place where the negative consequences of the addiction are so...

What to Do if You Have Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety or "social phobia" is becoming increasingly prevalent. Social Anxiety is defined as a mental health condition in which social interactions cause irrational anxiety. The National Institute of Mental Health...

Can You Get PTSD from Emotional Abuse

Imagine being trapped within a traumatic event as it plays over and over within your mind, reliving the event as if it was happening to you again and again in real time. For those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),...

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