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October 17, 2011

PCH Treatment Center opens a Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Clinic

Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Clinic

The PCH Treatment Center Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Clinic offers state-of-the-art psychiatric, psychological and neuropsychological testing. Testing is conducted by the Director Sandra Sarnoff, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist with an extensive background in psychological assessment. Services are provided for participants of PCH Treatment Center programs, as well as for individuals outside of our programs.

Neuropsychological as well as personality and psycho-educational assessments are offered. A comprehensive neuropsychological assessment includes evaluation of cognitive/intellectual functioning, executive functioning, motor and perceptual functioning, attention/concentration, language, learning, memory, and emotional/personality functioning. Academic functioning or achievement can also be included with this battery. A neuropsychological battery is utilized to determine whether or not there are cognitive changes associated with prolonged drug or alcohol use, prescription medication usage, certain disease processes, or head injury, for example, that may be compromising an individual’s functioning and contributing to maladaptive behaviors or processing.

Personality and psycho-educational assessments are more targeted to address particular diagnostic questions such as the presence or absence of attention disorders (ADD/ADHD) or learning disabilities. Psychiatric issues can be elucidated or differentiated, such as psychosis, or the severity of anxiety or mood dysregulation (depression or mania). Disruptions in personality can also be assessed to assist in differential diagnosis and appropriate treatment planning.

PCH Treatment Center has a large team of clinicians that can work with Clients seeking a better understanding of their psychological problems. An important first step may be a thorough psychological assessment, whether it be comprehensive or finely targeted. Please contact us to for more information or to arrange an appointment for evaluation.

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