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Daniel Linscott, PsyD

Dr. Daniel Linscott hails from a diverse professional background practicing in hospital, community mental health, and private practice settings. His clinical work has ranged from treating children with severe developmental and behavioral difficulties, all the way to criminally committed adults with severe mental illness. Through research and experience, Dr. Linscott has also developed specialities working with groups and individuals with depression, burnout, parenting issues, and men’s issues.

Dr. Linscott’s breadth of experience shaped his theory of practice. He works from an attachment perspective to help clients gain insight about negative relational patterns and emotional injuries. His goal is to provide a safe place where clients can learn to integrate strategies that encourage healthy reactions and coping. This is done through educating clients on the link between their emotional and neurophysiological processes, and providing interpersonal feedback, helping clients learn healthy ways to respond to intense feelings in the moment.

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