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Karen Meisels

Karen’s unique experience has made her a valuable resource in connecting clients and families to superior treatment and mental health services. Prior to joining PCH Karen was a Producer on the A&E docu-series Intervention. She specifically handled treatment for those suffering from addiction and trauma, finding the best fit for the needs of each individual. She established and developed relationships with CEO’s, Admissions, Marketing and Clinical departments with over 70 treatment centers across the nation. She interfaced weekly with clients, family members, and treatment teams monitoring their progress and providing additional resources. Using the platform of media, she was able to convey the significance of family involvement in treatment for their loved one’s sustained recovery.

Previous to this, Karen managed daily operations of an elite urgent care, overseeing clinical, ER doctors and administrative staff, and handled business development. She dealt with sensitive, complex and confidential patient issues on a daily basis, and provided clear direction for her staff to achieve goals, and create an environment that fostered growth and team commitment.

Karen is a trained Interventionist and a certified recovery specialist. She is passionate and dedicated to helping people find the right services for their individuals needs.

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