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Agoraphobia Treatment

What is Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is one of the most severe phobias. It includes a fear of open spaces, public places, and crowds. The person fears and avoids places for which there is no quick escape. It is also common for agoraphobics to fear being alone, so they usually stay at home with a friend or relative present. If they do leave the house, they are usually accompanied by a friend or family member. This phobia is most often associated with women, and usually arises during their late teens or early twenties. Agoraphobia often begins with a panic attack while the person is away from the house, and the person then stays at home to avoid experiencing that situation again.

How does PCH Treatment address Agoraphobia

PCH Treatment Center has extensive experience working with persons suffering from severe anxiety and related disorders. Our first goal is to thoroughly evaluate each person and determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. We offer both psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Often, clients with agoraphobia or anxiety have a prior history of psychological trauma, which we address in our therapeutic milieu. Individual therapy is offered five days per week, and may include somatic experiencing or sensorimotor therapy. PCH Treatment Center may also use exposure therapy to help agoraphobics re-transition into public spaces. Additional therapeutic modalities include dialectical behavior therapy, mentalization based therapies, groups such as trauma timeline, process and seeking safety, and neurofeedback. Our team of psychiatrists will also evaluate any pre-existing medication regimen and determine the best treatment course, in concert with the PCH philosophy to minimize medication usage. We also offer holistic therapies such as trauma-informed yoga, aerobic exercise and a full arts program including pottery, knitting, drawing, painting and music therapy.

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