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PCH Treatment Center is a psychological treatment facility located in the quiet Mar Vista community near Santa Monica, California. PCH stands for “Psychological Care & Healing” because we understand how difficult it can be to struggle with psychological issues and how important it is to meet each person with compassion, expertise, and individual care. Read more about our approach and philosophy here.

About Our Approach

What We Treat

PCH believes in treating the individual, NOT the disorder. We avoid stigmatizing labels and treat each client with respect and compassion. While we do use psychological terminology on our website and to communicate with medical professionals, we maintain an emphasis on treating the individual, NOT the disorder. Every person is different and every psychological problem manifests in different ways – we pride ourselves on being attuned to that in each of our clients. PCH offers a unique combination of therapeutic and holistic treatments for mental health issues such as:

Independently Owned & Operated by Licensed Clinicians

While many mental health treatment facilities are owned and run by executives with little experience in the world of psychotherapy and treatment, PCH Treatment Center is independently-owned and directed by experienced clinicians and leaders in the field of psychology. Jeff Ball, Ph.D. Co-Founder, CEO, and Executive Director of PCH Treatment Center provides over 30 years of experience treating bipolar disorder, depression, trauma and personality issues. Having worked in the medical field for over 20 years, Co-Founder and COO, Terry Krekorian, M.D., adds a unique combination of both clinical and operational/medical expertise. Dr. William Wirshing, PCH Director of Psychiatry, is a world-renowned expert in psychopharmacology and leader in the medical treatment of mental illness.

What We Offer

  • Evidence-based holistic therapies to promote healing and recovery
  • Custom treatment programs to meet each client’s emotional and psychological needs
  • A staff of fully licensed and board certified psychologists and psychiatrists
  • A psychological model of mental health treatment involving minimal medication usage and avoidance of addictive substances
  • A full continuum of care including residence-based care, intensive outpatient treatment, transitional living and companion services
  • Flexible and home-like living arrangements with the freedom to have visitors and explore the surrounding area
  • Avoidance of stigmatizing psychiatric labels and treatment of clients with respect and dignity

Our Therapists

PCH Treatment Center is a unique facility staffed by some of the brightest and most talented therapists in the Los Angeles area. While many treatment facilities cut costs by hiring newly licensed therapists or interns, we believe in the importance of education, training, and cumulative experience. At PCH, our therapists are primarily doctoral level with private practices in the area (which allow them to continue treatment for your client after PCH for those without a previous therapist). Most have 15 to over 30 years of clinical experience. Many are affiliated with local universities. To learn more about our unique clinical staff, click on the button below.

Meet our Clinical Staff

Four Levels of Treatment

to Meet Your Individual Needs

In-Residence Treatment Center Los Angeles

PCH Treatment Center’s In-Residence Treatment Program in Los Angeles is for clients who are seeking an immersive psychological treatment experience while residing in a supportive, recovery-based living environment outside of their current housing arrangement. In the In-Residence Treatment Program, clients take...

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Day Treatment Program Los Angeles

PCH Treatment Center in Los Angeles offers a Day Treatment Program for clients who would like to attend an intensive psychological program for five days each week (Monday – Friday) while continuing to reside in their own homes or personal..

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Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Options Los Angeles

PCH Treatment Center in Los Angeles is dedicated to getting you or your loved one re-integrated into life. With this goal in mind, we offer Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) options for our clients transitioning from PCH’s In-Residence and/or Day Treatment...

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Aftercare & Transitional Support

PCH Treatment Center Aftercare Solutions PCH Treatment Center in Los Angeles understands that one of the most important aspects of a successful treatment plan is a thorough aftercare plan. Clients leaving intensive residential or day treatment for a lower level...

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Got Questions?

Contact us now for more information about PCH Treatment Center. We look forward to discussing how our state-of-the-art treatment programs and expert clinicians can best help you or your loved one.

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Healing in a Safe Environment

Family members often feel helpless and frustrated in their attempts to find the best care for a loved one dealing with psychological issues. Once a week psychotherapy may be inadequate and hospitalization can be overwhelming or even traumatizing. At PCH Treatment Center, our treatment programs are designed to meet the personal and psychological needs of each client. Our programs provide intensive treatment in a secure, safe, comfortable, and caring environment without overmedication or stigmatizing labels. For more information about our programs, click here.

About Our Programs

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