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When you or a loved one requires treatment for psychological problems, there is a safe place for healing.
PCH Treatment Center provides advanced psychological treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and OCD, personality issues, self-injury, psychological trauma and dual diagnosis. Staffed by licensed psychologists and board-certified physicians, PCH Treatment Center offers a unique combination of psychotherapeutic and holistic treatments within the context of a private, comfortable and safe environment. We empower our Clients to maintain a high quality of life as they go about the work of healing. We are located in Los Angeles, California.

A typical week at PCH Treatment Center includes five individual therapy sessions, group therapies, neurofeedback, mentalization, DBT and holistic activities such as sleep therapy, mindfulness meditation and yoga. Our therapeutic options include staying at the upscale GrandView Residence House, as well as an Immersive Day Treatment Program, a Family Program and a Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Clinic.

Your Loved One Will Be Safe
When an individual develops psychological issues that require treatment, family members often feel helpless and frustrated in their attempts to find the best of care for their loved one. We understand that hospitalization can be overwhelming or even traumatizing. Once per week psychotherapy may be insufficient. Other treatment options may be ineffective or unreliable. At PCH Treatment Center, our proven treatment programs are designed to meet the personal and psychological needs of each Client.

We take care to thoroughly understand the psychological issues faced by your loved one, establishing a proper diagnosis and optimal medication regimen. Our goal is to minimize medication usage. Over the course of treatment, our Clients learn to more effectively manage their lives (sleep, stress, diet, work, family). We teach Clients how to minimize conflict, identify their symptoms early on, know when they need more support and utilize friends and family as valuable resources. We take pride in the success of our psychological treatment programs, and the aftercare support we put in place.

Clients entering our program will experience life-changing, intensive treatment in a secure, safe, comfortable, and caring environment. You can feel confident that we carefully evaluate and select Clients to create an optimal healing environment for all. Upon completion of treatment, we arrange thorough discharge planning and aftercare.

Dr Terry Krekorian

Terry Krekorian, M.D. Founder, COO

Dr Jeff Ball

Dr. Jeff Ball, Ph.D. Founder, Exec. Director

Owned and Operated by Licensed Clinicians
PCH Treatment Center is led by clinicians with extensive experience in the health care fields. Dr. Jeff Ball, Executive Director and Adjunct Assistant Professor at UCLA, provides over two decades of experience in treating Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Personality Disorders. Co-Founder, Dr. Terry Krekorian adds his expertise from both clinical and operational perspectives. Dr. William Wirshing, PCH Director of Psychiatry, is a world-renowned expert in psychopharmacology and leader in the medical treatment of mental illness. Dr. John Grienenberger is Clinical Director of PCH Treatment Center and Co-Executive Director of the non-profit Center for Reflective Parenting. Dr. Grienenberger provides expertise in psychodynamic therapy, family therapy, psychological testing and mentalization therapies.

Unlike other inpatient facilities and residential treatment centers, PCH Treatment Center maintains a staff of fully licensed and board certified psychologists and physicians to care for Clients at our treatment clinic. The State of California Community Care and Licensing Division has evaluated our residence house and found it to be in full compliance with all regulations, receiving an exemption from licensing.

Flexible Living Arrangements
Clients who choose to reside in one of our GrandView Residences will find a secure home-like setting where activities are not restricted (as they are in many State Licensed Residential Treatment facilities). Medications are self-managed, guests are free to visit, and Clients are free to explore the rich cultural and recreational activities found in West Los Angeles and the surrounding Southern California region.

Our Clients highly value the respect and autonomy they receive at PCH Treatment Center. Furthermore, our model of treatment more closely replicates the “real world” to which Clients will be returning following treatment. We trust that most needing intensive psychotherapy can manage their self-care as well as maintain their own safety, and do not need the restrictions that a psychiatric hospital or State Licensed Residential Treatment center demands. The PCH Treatment Center model offers the highest quality of care at an affordable, competitive price (20-45% lower than comparable programs).

Our Holistic Approach
PCH Treatment Center incorporates evidence-backed holistic therapies in our treatment programs to help Clients unlock the innate potential of the body to initiate healing. We offer intensive individual and group treatment coupled with these holistic activities, starting with fitness activities in the mornings, as well as yoga, nature outings, acupuncture, massage therapy, and meditation. In contrast to hospital wards and other treatment programs that overemphasize medication, PCH Treatment Center strives to restore the balance between mind and body in the most natural, effective way possible.

Patient Testimonials
“PCH is an excellent treatment center if you are serious about getting help. The residential and office staff are excellent and the therapists are fantastic. Most of them are willing to go far beyond the call of duty in order to give patients personalized care.”
- January 2013

“As a working professional who was sidetracked by a severe bipolar episode, I found an oasis of healing here at PCH. I came to the end of my month stay wanting to stay another month. I know if I had to return here that I would be welcomed by a diligent and caring staff of mental health professionals.”
- October 2012

“Before coming to PCH, I was lost and ignorant about my anxiety. The past 2 months I have learned so much about myself, that I am so excited to go back home and live the life I want to live. I have gained so much awareness about my thoughts and feelings and how they correlate with my anxiety. PCH was a very comforting place for me and more importantly it got me back on track with life and its ups and downs.”
- October 2012

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