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Our Philosophy

PCH has a unique philosophy that moves away from and re-imagines traditional models of mental health care.

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Clinical Sophistication

Our Doctoral and Master's Level psychotherapists and integrative psychiatrists bring a wealth of experience and expertise and are committed to supporting each person’s unique journey toward wellness.


Embracing each individual without judgment, seeing them beyond a set of symptoms.


Seeing beyond labels to understand and support the unique strengths and experiences of our clients, tailoring our services to their individual needs.


We have created an inclusive community where diversity is not just accepted but celebrated and where everyone's individuality is respected and valued.

The Whole Person

We specialize in creating treatment plans that are based on real-life situations and centered around the whole person, which includes mind, body and spirit.

Mindful Medication

Adopting appropriate psychopharmacology practices to enhance our primary psychosocial approach.

Diverse Healing Techniques

Utilizing a range of treatment modalities to ensure every individual finds their path to healing.

Understanding Substance Issues

We address substance misuse and chemical dependency with compassionate, non-punitive interventions. Our philosophy of meeting individuals where they are and moving at their own pace by adopting multiple modalities for those struggling with self-medicating and addiction.

Our Programs
“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” - Ernest Hemingway
Seeing Beyond the Diagnosis: Our Human-Centered Approach

“Everybody is broken in some way... We are always trying to find somebody whose broken pieces fit with our broken pieces and something whole emerges.” - Bruce Springsteen

The medical approach, which often views individuals as a collection of symptoms, has long dominated the mental health landscape. However, at PCH, we believe that understanding the human experience goes beyond mere categorization. We prioritize emotional and cognitive states over rigid and often incorrect labels, placing each individual's experiences in the context of their life journey.

Questioning the Norm
Traditional diagnostic methods like the DSM-V are biased and limiting. We use these labels solely for administrative and insurance purposes.
The PCH Alternative Diagnostic Mode

Our innovative approach views every facet of the human experience. By recognizing each individual's personal context and understanding their emotional triggers, we pave the way for genuine healing.

Together in Healing

We're interested in your story and your journey, not a clinical label. We want to know what happened to you, not what's wrong with you. Let's embark on your journey today.

Your path to understanding, acceptance, and healing begins with PCH.
Let's redefine mental well-being together.