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Exceptional Psychological Care for your Unique Needs

“We want to know what happened to you, not what’s wrong with you.”

At Psychological Care & Healing Center, we provide sophisticated mental health care in a safe and containing environment. We encourage and strengthen connections to family, work and community and support our clients to return to productive, healthy lives. PCH integrates primary and transitional models of care in a “real world” setting. We provide highly refined clinical programs for those that are struggling in life, and we are a unique alternative to other treatment centers and psychiatric hospitals.

“Absolutely satisfied with everything and everyone! So happy I came here to get the help I needed.”

“The therapists were absolutely phenomenal.”

“I would not be where I am today without PCH. They never gave up on me”

“PCH did wonders for me… I feel so much better leaving than when I got here”

“It is clear that PCH has a strong mission which attempts to create treatment plans that are thoughtful, helpful, and practical.”

“I had a great experience at PCH. The clinical team here is amazing, and I made friendships that will last a lifetime. I appreciate all of the help I received here, and am looking forward to my future.”

“I feel so incredibly grateful for this experience, and wish it was available to more people.”

“PCH feels like a second home to me and I will never forget what I’ve gained here.”

More Video Content

Art Therapy with Darcy Lubbers

Darcy Lubbers Somatic, Group and Art Therapist at PCH discusses art therapy and it’s role in treating trauma and helping manage psychological disorders.

Meet Dr. David Burston

Dr. David Burston discusses his journey to becoming a Group Therapist at PCH and how he uses his experience to help clients heal from psychological disorders.

Dr. Gerald Tarlow on ERP

Dr. Tarlow, director of the OCD program at PCH discusses ERP and its role in overcoming compulsions and treating obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety.

Tim Pylko, MD on PCH Pasadena

Dr. Tim Pylko discusses the PCH Pasadena Program and how it helps individuals build better relationships and deal with complex psychological issues.

Meet Seth Kadish, PsyD

Dr. Seth Kadish, author and Director of Group Therapists discusses the range of different group treatments and therapy programs available at PCH and its role in psychological healing.

Terry Krekorian on the PCH Approach

Terry Krekorian, President and Founder of PCH Treatment Center discusses what sets our program and approach to treatment apart from other facilities.

Meet Kate Ross, LMFT

Kate Ross, PCH Program Director and family therapist discusses how she helps clients, parents, and families alleviate anxiety about starting treatment and begin the healing journey.

Learn about our Family Program

The Co-Directors of the PCH Family Program discuss how we help the family unit develop healthier patterns and a better understanding of what is needed to heal.

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