Client Testimonials
Reflections on the PCH Journey

Hear directly from those who have embarked on their healing journeys with us. These brief yet powerful testimonials offer a glimpse into the real experiences and transformations of our clients at PCH. Each reflection is a testament to the supportive environment, dedicated staff, and effective treatment programs we offer. As you read through these sincere and heartfelt messages, we hope you find inspiration and insight into how PCH can support you or your loved one on the path to wellness and recovery.

“The structure of the program at PCH was so helpful. From my first visit to my last day I felt supported whether it was group therapy, individual therapy, or supportive housing.” - February 15, 2024

“I think PCH was the best step for me to move forward. I came in and the other clients were the kindest and warmest people. I quickly found friends which made the groups easier. My impression of PCH is that it’s a warm place with lovely people all around - clients, staff, and therapists. I really feel like my goals and experiences were put first and ultimately met.” - December 10, 2023

“I enjoyed being a client here! I think it was a good thing for me to do and I felt supported. I was really nervous about going to California on my own, but I felt safe here and I loved the people.” - November 28, 2023