Staff Interview
The Faces Behind Our Philosophy: Haleh Keypour, LMFT

At PCH, we prefer to put names and faces to the philosophy guiding our approach whenever possible. To better accomplish that, we will begin sharing the firsthand perspectives of the people behind our treatment programs with monthly staff interviews.

Read more of our conversation with Individual, Group and Family Therapist, Haleh Keypour, LMFT, and her guiding philosophy and principles.

1. What does “mental health” mean to you? 

Mental health is our mental and emotional hygiene. We don’t need to be sick to attend to it. It’s our responsibility to ourselves and those we love to care for our mental and emotional well being.

2. What’s your favorite mental health or well being quote?

Came across a recent post that quoted Albert Camus: “The habit of despair is worse than despair itself.” We need to look at how we have made habit of our despair and emotional paralysis.

3. What do you think is the most useful wellness resources?

Your own creativity.