Bianca Bloomfield, RYT
Breathworks Instructor

Bianca Bloomfield combines her creative talents and therapeutic expertise as a breathwork healing facilitator and a screenwriter. With a Master of Fine Arts in Television Writing, she has furthered her skills with certifications as an Advanced Level 3 Revelation Breathwork Facilitator, completing 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training at One Down Dog, and gaining trauma-informed yoga training through Street Yoga. Since 2020, Bianca has been focusing her services on Breathworks at PCH, where she has dedicated herself to the art and science of breathwork facilitation.

In her practice, Bianca employs a compassionate approach to guide clients through breathing exercises that promote the release of emotions, thought patterns, and belief systems. She addresses a wide range of client issues, including depression, anxiety, creative and expressive blocks, and feelings of disconnection or dissociation. Her work is deeply informed by her understanding of the connection between the physical and energetic body, a perspective she has developed through her trauma-informed yoga instruction. Offering both individual and group breathwork sessions, Bianca is committed to facilitating emotional and mental healing, leveraging her unique blend of skills to support her clients' journeys towards well-being.