Christine Hanna, LCSW
Client Program Director

Christine Hanna (#82185) is a licensed clinical social worker who earned her Master's degree in Social Work from the prestigious program at the University of Southern California. She has comprehensive experience working with individuals with Trauma, OCD, BFRDs, Anxiety, at-risk youth, and people experiencing stress due to major life transitions. Christine joins the Psychological Care and Healing team with extensive agency and clinical experience. As a Program Director/Therapist, she works with the clients as an ethical partner, coach, and cheerleader, using her expertise to guide her clients. Together, they work to understand the reasons behind their struggles and develop strategies that not only solve problems but also help them build meaningful, enjoyable, and sustainable lives. Her approach balances nonjudgmental validation with proven behavioral change strategies, which characterizes the modalities she specializes in. Christine has extensive training in Comprehensive CBT, DBT, EMDR, and ACT. She integrates exposure and response prevention, acceptance and commitment therapy, and psychoanalytic methods to help her clients feel immediate relief from symptoms while being able to navigate her clients through deeper work to effect long-lasting change.