Lori Petrie, PhD
Individual Therapist

Dr. Lori Petrie, an esteemed mental health and nursing professional, holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Masters and PhD degrees from CSPP, Los Angeles. As an associate professor at UCLA in psychiatry, she significantly contributed to research and education.

With extensive clinical experience, Dr. Petrie has served in locked State Forensic Units and various units at Harbor UCLA Medical Center. She has been integral to critical response teams like the LA County Psychiatric Emergency Team, demonstrating expertise in diverse psychological disorders.

Specializing in geriatric care, cognitive impairments, and neonatal health, Dr. Petrie has also worked extensively in high-risk infant and foster care settings. In her private practice spanning over three decades, she offers psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy for individuals and couples.

Dr. Petrie's commitment to mental health is evidenced by her tenure at PCH since its inception, where she continues to contribute expertise and dedication to the field.