Paula Perlman, LMFT
Group Therapist

Paula Perlman, LMFT, is a Certified somatic therapist with over 30 years of experience in private practice. With a Masters in Dance/Movement Therapy and a Masters in Creativity, Change & Leadership, Paula has dedicated her career to using movement as a tool for healing and self-expression.

Having taught creative movement to children and adults, Paula believes in the power of the body to store and process emotions. Her focus on somatic therapy allows her to help individuals and groups release trauma stored in the body, leading them to a place of safety and joy.

In addition to her clinical work, Paula enjoys dancing, biking, and spending time with loved ones. She finds inspiration in nature and uses her creativity to enhance her therapeutic practices. With a deep sense of mindfulness and compassion, Paula continues to make a positive impact on the lives of those she works with at PCH and in her private practice.