Seth Kadish, PsyD
Director of Group Therapists

Dr. Seth C. Kadish, Psy.D., serves as the Director of Group Therapy at PCH in Mar Vista and has carved a notable path in the field of psychology with his extensive experience and contributions. He is the author of the memoir "Home Boys" and the self-help book "Pop Your Patterns: The No-Nonsense Way to Change Your Life," which reflect his deep understanding and innovative approach to psychological healing and personal growth. Before his current role, Dr. Kadish was the Clinical Director at Milestones Ranch Malibu and also served as a Staff Psychologist at California State Prison, Los Angeles County, where he provided counseling to maximum-security inmates.

Dr. Kadish's earlier experiences include working with probation youth at Penny Lane in North Hills, CA, where his impactful work earned him the title of Clinician of the Year in 2001. His expertise and insights have not only been sought after in clinical settings but have also been featured in various media, including radio broadcasts, documentaries, and television series such as "Ryan and Tatum: The O'Neals" on the Oprah Winfrey Network and the award-winning documentary "Iceberg Slim."

Holding a Psy.D. from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology (formerly CGI), Dr. Kadish has dedicated over 14 years to PCH since 2010, where he has been pivotal in individual and group practice. As a group therapist, director of group therapists, and supervisor of group therapists, his work has significantly contributed to the field, demonstrating a profound commitment to the psychological well-being and rehabilitation of his clients.