Siana Ọrun-Walker
Assistant Program Director

Siana Ọrun-Walker (She/We/They) born & raised in New York is an indigenous Cherokee, Blackfoot, Nassau Native, Yoruba & Fulani Nigerian woman initiated Iyanifa & Olóríṣà, who has over 15 years of experience in mental health settings where she has honed her skills in experiential therapies, program delivery, and group facilitation approaches that highlight the development of Emotional Intelligence, Self-Acceptance, and Personal Development. She has designed and facilitated personal development groups, workshops, trainings, and curricula that support insight, empathy, skills development, and sustainable recovery for those living with mental and behavioral health conditions. Siana is a graduate of MITT - Mastery in Transformational Training and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia State University as well as multiple certifications in areas such as Life Coaching, Trauma-Informed Care, Crisis Intervention, Family Systems, Parent Effectiveness Training, and Culturally Proficient Service Delivery. Siana is currently a student at Naropa University earning her CPAT & licensure in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy.

Her experience in mental and behavioral healthcare includes more than 8 years of experience in residential treatment and a decade of experience in client care and group facilitation including areas of expertise in outdoor and experiential therapies, 12-step informed programming, SMART Recovery, community building, behavioral analysis, and psychoeducation. She has operated all aspects of a small business and is the founder of a mental health and community empowerment consulting firm. Siana dedicates her life to impacting as many lives as she can by being of service, encouraging transformation and inspiring breakthroughs. She is a happy parent who values family, friends, community, and the power of human connection.