Trevor Hahn
Operations Manager

Trevor Hahn serves as the Operations Manager of the Stabilization program at PCH, where his primary goal is to ensure that every individual entering the program experiences a comfortable and productive stay in the stabilization house. His passion for mental healthcare is deeply rooted in a strong desire to help others, further fueled by witnessing loved ones navigate the complexities of the mental health system while seeking healing. Originally from Virginia, Hahn finds joy in hiking, playing with his dogs, trying new foods, and exploring new places in his free time.

Holding a RADT credential, Hahn focuses on the Mental Health Stabilization Program at PCH. Although he has five years of treatment experience in the field, he has recently started his journey at PCH. His dedication to improving the mental health care system and his commitment to the well-being of those he serves underscore the valuable contributions he brings to the PCH team and the individuals it supports.